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Zoe’s Sores and New Bangs

3 Oct

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. – Proverbs 3: 5-6

What a week! God has truly been testing us this past month.   Just when I thought things were going to be back to normal around here, Zoe somehow got these horrible painful sores in her mouth.  For the past 4 days she has been in terrible pain each time she tries to eat or drink anything.  Even without doing anything to her mouth, she’ll burst into tears randomly, all day long.   Oh how difficult it is to watch my child in pain! There were about a hundred times where she’d be crying in pain and there was absolutely nothing we could do to help her.   I found myself asking God why he was allowing this to happen to her.   God assured me though that his ways are not our ways and we just need to trust him and not lean on our own understanding.  It finally occurred to me that Zoe may actually be learning things through this trial, as are we.  God works everything for the good of those who love him,  and so we trust that He is doing a good work here.

Today is the first day she hasn’t cried all morning, so hopefully this means the worst is behind her.

A few days ago, when we thought it was just her teething that was causing the problem, she had a couple hours of relief after she received her medicine so we took her, finally, to get bangs.   The poor girl has had hair in her face for about 4 months now!  Now, she can see clearly and looks absolutely adorable! 🙂



New Bangs!



Zoe at 18 Months Old!

24 Sep
Her Favorite Words/Sayings:

“I sit down.”
“Gink?” (Drink)
“Guck.” (Stuck)
“Daaeee” (Daddy)
“Baff?” (Bath)
“Bie” (Bite)
“Err Go” (There we go.)
“Peee” (Penny, our dog.)
“Sooeee” (Zoe)
“Cheeos?” (Cheerios.)
“Aaaww Done”
As soon as we finish putting her shoes on, she says, “Ahh Go!!” As in, “Let’s Go!” If it actually is time to go, she continues with saying “Keys?”, “Cars!”, “Go!” “Buh-Bye!”
Words Learned this Week:
“Mouse.” (As in, computer mouse…of course. Hehe. She was calling it a car so we had to teach her the proper term.)
“Fie” (High Five)
“Hom” (Home)
“Anna” (My friend)
“Fum” (Fun)
“Bow” (Ball)
“Oww” (When she gets hurt)
“Wuss” (Uncle Russ)
“Judah” (one of her friends from church)
“Noah” from the Bible

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It is the end of August..

31 Aug

The end of August! This month just flew by.

It’s the beginning of another week. Today marks the first day of a road trip for Gage’s Mom, Grandparents, and younger brother Brad! They will be on the road for 4-5 weeks. For those of you who know Brad and are interested in reading Brad’s travel blog, send me an e-mail at homemaker.shaina@gmail.com, and I’ll give you the link!

While they are gone I will be taking over Brad’s weekly paper route. He delivers the local shopping news once a week to 3 different neighborhoods. This will tie in great with my walking plan!
Gage is continuing with his school, tutoring other students, homework, and working. The first couple weeks of school are always the most difficult to get through. It’s hard to adjust to him being so busy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel this year though! He will graduate, get a job, and then… we’ll have to re-adjust to him working a full-time job haha.
Zoe’s New Adventures:

– Many, many trips to the pantry to take out the Cheerios, find Mommy or Daddy, and say “CheeO? CheeO?”
– Climbing up and gracefully getting down from the couch. She decided that falling down head first was just not the way to go.
– She says well over 100 words now. I can actually somewhat have a conversation with her!
– Favorite things to say: “Awk” (Walk), “I see you!”, “Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!”, “Foo” (food), “Tissue”, “Trash”, “All duhh!” (All Done), “Daeee” (Daddy).
– She has started to announce when she needs a diaper change. We take this as the first indication that we need to get started on potty training soon!

Zoe is 17 Months Old!

12 Aug

Cutest Moments of the Week:
A few days ago Zoe told Great-Grandma Sandy she wanted to go outside. We all made our way out to the patio room. I got her shoes, we put them on her and now we’re all set to walk outside. Before we know it, Zoe has changed her mind. Zoe then climbs up the stairs to go into the house, she looks at Grandma and says, “Bye bye!!”

Two days ago Zoe found my coffee cup on a table that had a little left in it from earlier that morning. She picked it up and broght it over to me saying, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!” 🙂

Last night Zoe decided she was finished playing with her blocks so she put them in their small box and said, “all done!…trash!” — this is what we say when we’re all finished with changing her diaper. Hehe.
Zoe’s new words:
Swing (“Wee”)
Outside, Inside (“Siiiiiide”)
See you!
Abby!!! (from her box of crackers, the Sesame Street character)
Elmo (“emo”)
Great-Grandma = “MAAAAAA!!” haha.
Car (“Cowww”)
Bath (“Bop”)

Precious Little Zoe

1 Aug

I took this today at Moni & Nick’s Rehearsal Dinner. She looked so cute tonight 🙂

Another Crazy 4th.

6 Jul

Well for the 2nd year in a row, I was unable to watch Fireworks on the 4th. This is turning into a trend for us…the day of the 4th is great and we have a ton of fun but by the time it begins to get dark, the trouble starts! This year it was due to my daughter’s hurt leg. We had a great day down in Rock Rapids, Iowa with family at a park down there. Then at about 5pm, Zoe and Brad went down a slide and her foot got caught under him. She cried for a little bit, but then fell asleep, so we drove home, she slept for another 2 hours or so and when she woke up, we went to put her down to walk around and what do ya know? She can’t stand up!

We had to guess at which foot it was because neither Gage nor I saw exactly what happend on the slide. She was acting as if her right foot hurt so they did x-rays of her right foot. Why they didn’t want to do both (seeing as we didn’t know for sure which one it was!) is beyond me…. they couldn’t find anything but they put a splint on her anyway to be safe. She had the splint on yesterday until it fell off. Today we went to the Bone Clinic and we saw her holding up her *left* leg whenever we tried to get her to stand. They did X-rays on her left leg and just as Gage thought all along, it was her left side, but it wasn’t her foot – it was her leg. She has a small fracture on the lower part of her leg. Thankfully she does not need to wear a cast or a splint, we just need to keep her up off her feet as much as possible and in a week or two she should be walking again.

Zoe’s Words at 15 Months

29 Jun

She says a ton of words now, she says a few new ones every day. Here is a list of some of the words she says pretty well (this is mainly to use in her baby book later):

“All Done!”
“One, two, three!”
“Grampa” or “Gampa”
“Foo” or “Foof” for Food
“Bite” – when she wants a bite of food.
She also yells out, “Maaa!” It sounds like she is calling for Mom but we can’t figure out if its her calling for me or Grandma haha.