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Zoe’s 2nd Birthday!

29 Mar

Zoe turned 2 a couple weeks ago!  She is definitely a toddler now.  Running is one of her absolute favorite things.  Pretty much all her words are real words now.  She’s even begun saying “My shoes” instead of “Zoe’s shoes”, and “I would like some crackers” instead of “Zoe would like some crackers”  🙂   She’s been playing pretty well with her friends, but as all toddlers do, she does suffer a bit from the “that’s mine” syndrome! haha.   This month was a major birthday month!   The first week, our friend’s baby was born, that same week was Gage’s brother’s 12th birthday,  the next week was Zoe’s birthday, 4 days later was my mother-in-law Jenny’s birthday, and the next week was Zoe’s best friend Kjersten’s birthday!  There were 3 birthday parties this month, and many more birthdays I didn’t list.   Zoe certainly got her fill of birthday cake!

The skirt she is wearing in the picture was made by Jenny! Isn’t it adorable? It was the perfect thing for her to wear on her birthday.  Jenny also made her a Winnie the Pooh dress to wear at her birthday party!

Zoe’s party was fun.  She “played” the Wii, opened presents, stared at her birthday candle, ate cake, and looked cute.   Unfortunately the only one of her little friends that could make it to the party was Evan! We’re so thankful that Evan was there 🙂   Everyone else at the party was an adult.  We still had a great time though!

Zoe was blessed with so many amazing gifts this year.  A magna doodle, her first skates, adorable clothing, a little keyboard, an overnight bag that looks like a stuffed animal (so cute!), fridge phonics (she LOVES this!), her first barbie, a new Veggie Tales DVD and many many more.  I used some of her birthday money to buy her some new books, as well as a bunch of adorable spring/summer clothes so she’s almost set for the warmer months!

Thank you to all who came to the party and/or provided her with a gift!  She now has everything she could ever need, and then some.


“I need glasses!”

14 Mar

We moved here in 2006 and we have driven past the “Ground Round” restaurant hundreds of times and were always curious as to what in the world the “Ground Round” was… it doesn’t exactly sound very appetizing… but today we decided to give it a try.  The food was actually pretty good.  The menu is all over the place though, a little confusing, food doesn’t look too good on the menu, and they serve you warm (border-lining cold) popcorn as soon as you sit down.   Not peanuts, chips, or bread….  popcorn.   As soon as the waitress left our table, Amanda and I simultaneously said, “that’s interesting.”   🙂   The food was good though.    I got the broccoli cheese soup and salad.

The highlight for me however was not the food, but a little comment my little girl said.  Zoe was looking around the restaurant and out of nowhere she says, “I need glasses…”   Glasses? She must have heard me say that recently.  Even so, it was hilarious to hear my 2 year old say that!  I doubt she needs glasses, but I definitely do need glasses. I always notice it when I’m at church and I’m trying to read the words on the screen during worship and I can’t.   Zoe broke my glasses about 6 months ago and I still haven’t ordered new ones.. I need someone to measure the distance between my pupils.  As soon as I get that measurement, Zenni Optical here I come!

After lunch we went to Barnes & Noble, then to Falls Park.   All I can say is.. WOW.  I have never seen the park so flooded before, and the waterfalls were flowing faster than I’ve ever seen! It was amazing.  If only the water wasn’t completely brown and the sky gray… it didn’t exactly make for good pictures!

One of my best friends from CA came to visit us this past weekend! Amanda arrived on Thursday morning and she left at about 5pm today.  It was so nice to have her visit, even if it was just for 4 days!  She came to visit for Zoe’s birthday.  I’ll write more about Zoe’s birthday and birthday party in another post.  For now, it is almost 2 am.  I need to sleep!

She’s almost 2…

2 Mar

So much going on!  Hopefully things will settle down in a couple weeks and I can begin to write more about what’s going on around here 🙂  In short, I’m preparing for a 2 hr class on Digital Photography that I’m teaching Sunday afternoon and I’m planning Zoe’s 2nd birthday party for the following weekend!  My best friend Amanda is coming to visit so I’m preparing for her visit by cleaning and getting her room ready. I’ve also been working on Sioux Falls Frugal Mom quite a bit lately.  That interview with Keloland brought quite a few readers! It was a heck of a lot of work at first but now I feel I’ve got the hang of it and it should get a lot easier to maintain.

Today was a nice day.  I spent a lot of time listening to Zoe say, “Mommy! Watch dis!!” and “Mommy! What’s dat??” “What’s dis?” haha.  She’s so eager to learn.  I love this age! She learned the letters “B” and “H” today.  I’m going to try and teach her a couple letters a day.   This little girl loves to learn words and she loves to talk!   She says many short sentences already. Some longer words she’s learned this week: “Dinosaur” , “Downstairs”, “Motorcycle” and “Delicious!”  I also discovered – like mother, like daughter – she’s a fan of the ocean!  – “Mommy! Ocean! Pretty.”

She’s almost 2. I can’t believe it.   She’s no longer a baby 😦   I’m looking forward to her getting older but man, it just makes me sad to think about the fact that she’ll never be a baby again…


How are you all doing? All 5 of you! hehe.

Finally, an update :)

17 Feb

God is challenging me this month.  I know that whatever happens it will all be for his glory, so I’m actually pretty calm about all the new things that are going on!   So what’s new, you may ask?

Bridget is MARRIED! –  My step-sister Bridget has been engaged for 4 years now and she finally married Adam on February 6, 2010….which also happened to be their 10th Anniversary of dating.  I’m so happy for them, Adam has already been a part of the family for a long time but now I can officially call him my brother-in-law 🙂

California: We were blessed with near perfect weather on our trip to the San Diego area (where we grew up).  We were there from the 3rd to the 10th.   We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends, eating our favorite foods, and attending Bridget & Adam’s Wedding!  The day before we left I started to get super sad about leaving and the next couple days were pretty rough when we got home, but I’m over it now…for the most part.  While it breaks my heart that my friends and family will not be able to see my daughter (and future kids) grow up, all that really matters is that we are where God wants us to be.  Right now, that is in Sioux Falls.  If God wants us in CA we’ll end up in CA somehow, if not, that’s okay too.

Learning to Forgive: God has shown me in the past several months that I struggle with forgiveness.   Part of being a follower of Christ is to learn to exemplify Christ in all that I do.  Christ forgave and Christ loved.  He did not get angry for unrighteous reasons.  This means that when I am provoked, angered, annoyed, saddened, or persecuted, I must not react unrighteously.  Righteous living requires learning to forgive and show others grace, just as He, in his grace, has forgiven us who believe in Him.  So instead of holding a grudge or letting little things build up, I am choosing to forgive and to love.

Keloland News Interview: Pigs do fly.  Not only did my step-sister get married this month, but I did a TV interview! Say what?!  TV? Interview? Shaina? Ummm yeah.   I’ll explain!  You know that site I’ve been working on the past several weeks? Sioux Falls Frugal Mom?  It just so happens that Keloland News is doing a special segment on Moms who help other Moms save money (or something along those lines, haha).  They came to our house and interviewed me and my wonderful little family.  This interview is set to air on Sunday night at 10pm on KELO-TV – it is part of the  “Eye on Keloland” segment.

Teaching a Digital Photography Class: Never in my life did I ever think I would agree to teach anything if it involved standing up in front of more than one person and talking… yet, I have agreed to teach a one-time digital photography class and I am actually very excited about it! I need to get to work on the plans though.  I think once I have a set plan I’ll feel even better about the idea of teaching a class.  It’s really the talking that I’m nervous about.  I just need to pray.  God will help 🙂

Sioux Falls Frugal Mom

2 Feb

My new site is up and running! Woohoo!  I am now the official owner of a domain.   I’ve been doing websites & blogs for about 13 years now and I’ve never officially had a domain.  Pretty sweet! Check it out..

I probably won’t be updating much this week because we leave for CA (yes… CA again!) tomorrow.  This time we’re going out for my sister Bridget’s Wedding! She and her fiance Adam will be getting married on February 6th…which will also be their 10th dating anniversary!  So…it’s about time these two got hitched! 😉

This will be our last trip with Zoe as lap child on the plane.  I told Bridget that she had good timing with her Wedding date because one month later and it would have cost an extra $200 to take Zoe!  I almost wish we had bought her a ticket..just so she’d have a seat, but we really couldn’t afford it.  She’d probably be staying home with Grandma & Grandpa if she was over 2 already.

Okay! Time to finish packing..  🙂

The Terrible/Terrific Two’s, already?

21 Jan

Ohh the joys of having a toddler!  Most of the time she’s the cutest and sweetest little girl in the world, but when she wants something or dislikes something, boy does she ever let you know, and not in a nice way!!  Thankfully God has granted me with an ever-increasing amount of patience these past few months.  I still need a lot of prayer though, there are still times where I feel like giving up on patience.  I begin to yell…and before I know it, I am completely overwhelmed and  dreading the thought of ever having more children.

This age (22 months) is very fun and very difficult.

She is saying short sentences now, learning hundreds of new things every day, she’s a little joker – she loves to entertain us, she loves people – she’ll say Hi to just about anyone, she gives wonderful hugs and kisses, she loves to dance and sing, but she also knows the words, “No”, and as of a few days ago… “Why?”.   She’s a huge fan of tantrums and disobedience, and she only wants to play with Mom & Dad’s things, or with trash & recycling, never her own toys.  She enjoys ripping paper apart and biting her crayons.

This is just proof that we are all born sinners and we all need Jesus.  I just need to encourage her in the ways of God and pray for her salvation daily! 🙂

My Birthday Surprise, and My 25th Birthday!

16 Jan

Alright! I’m finally old enough to rent a car.  Yeah! 😉   5 more years left in my twenties! Arg.  Life is seriously too fast.

Today I’m going over to my in-laws house with my husband, daughter, and SISTER to hang out, eat homemade cake, and homemade pretzel dogs.  🙂  Yes, I said sister. My sister SURPRISED me on Wednesday by showing up in Sioux Falls!  Gage asked if I wanted to go to Olive Garden, so since Zoe was with Gage’s Mom for the day we went at about 4pm.  I walk in and at first I see Russell (Gage’s brother)… thought that was odd… then I look over and see my sister Gabby!  We freaked out, hugged, as sisters do in those types of situations.  Then we all ate delicious food!  It turns out she’s staying with us for 3 weeks, until February 3rd, which happens to be the day WE fly back out to CA for our step-sister’s Wedding so, we’ll be on the same flight as Gabby!  That wasn’t planned at all by anyone!

I haven’t been surprised like that since I was about 9 years old!

In other news.. this morning I found out that I’ve been blessed by a wonderful friend and a wonderful store called Elegant Mommy!  I am going to receive 8 cloth diapers!  That’s about… $150 in diapers right there and these diapers will last years.  Possibly through all the kids we plan to have! Yeah, all 8 of them! j/k…  Some people think we’re going to have 8 kids.  Not sure why haha.

Ok, time to go celebrate being a quarter of a century!! 🙂