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Tackling Procrastination

18 Oct

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of things get put off for “later” that really don’t need to be. It’s not just ordinary things like dishes and laundry, it’s stuff like framing & hanging pictures, buying things that you need but don’t want to spend the money on, and little things like cleaning out the crazy junk drawer.

This week I accomplished four big things that I had been putting off.

1) I bought plane tickets for our trip to CA next month. Usually I buy them 3 months in advance but I put it off because I hated the idea of spending that much money… even though my friends said they’d help us pay for it! It’s my best friend’s Wedding and I’m IN it so it’s not really much of an option. Just the thought of paying $400-600 on plane tickets was not something I wanted to deal with. Thankfully, the Lord provided (as always) and we bought 2 round trip plane tickets for a total of $402.00 :oD

2) We finally bought a kennel for our dog Penny. We managed to avoid this for a year and a half! It’s a good thing though because during the winter, we won’t have to worry about her peeing all over the carpet again.

3) I cleaned the downstairs couch (in the basement) that was covered in photos and photo boxes for MONTHS. We never go down there (except to do laundry) so for months I’ve put off cleaning off that couch. What an enormous relief it is to have it done!

4) I finally got caught up on my Photography homework!! I have been in this home study program for over a year and if I really sat down and did it on a regular basis, I would have finished it a year ago hah.

I’m trying to come up with a list of things that I have been putting off and plan time to tackle them in the coming weeks. So far this is what I have, and what I hope to accomplish within the next month:

  1. Clean out the cupboard in the bathroom. It is a disaster.
  2. Clean out our junk drawer (which has an organizer tray in it, btw hahaha)
  3. Buy a toy box for Zoe’s room and a toy box for the livingroom. (Our dog has managed to destroy tons of Zoe’s toys because they are out on the floor all the time and we have nowhere to put them.)
  4. Complete first graded project for the Photography Diploma Program.
  5. Create a Recipe binder. I am up to my ears in new recipes to try but can never find the ones I wanted when the time comes… they are scattered all over and they must be put into one location.
  6. Write to Babicka (my great-grandmother). I always say I’m going to write and I never do.
  7. Write to our sponsor child, Fabiola.
  8. Figure out our Budget. Since Zoe has been born I have done a terrible job at keeping up with our budget.
  9. Get rid of all our junk. Find a plastic tub, label it “Stuff To Donate” and throw stuff in there.
  10. Tackle all of our 100,000 photos. Print, frame & put up photos, organize them, find proper storage (whether it be photo albums or a new hard drive for digital photos), and mail photos out to people who have asked.
  11. Find a cute costume for Zoe’s first Halloween. Even though we don’t really do much to celebrate Halloween… I still want to let her dress up each year and I’m very big on “firsts” and since it is her first Halloween, I’d love for her to have a costume 🙂

I plan to print out this list and post it on my fridge (something I look at every day). My goal is to have accomplished all of these things by November 18th. One month from today!


Only 99 days left…

16 Sep


Yes. Just 99 days left. ;o)

For the past few years I have started my Christmas plans in October, start buying and packaging things in November, and then I try to leave the month of December for enjoying the season stress-free (at least that is the goal haha). In December I love to decorate the house, put up and decorate the tree, attend special church services and those adorable children’s Nativity plays (I very vividly remember being a sheep for two years and an angel for one year when I was a kid). I love to at least make an attempt to bake something, I love to watch Christmas movies, drink hot chocolate, spend quality time with family. Beginning my plans 3 months in advance has been a good system for me.

However this year I came across a couple of websites that have got me super excited for the Christmas season! I think I just may begin my planning a little early this year, hehe.

Organized Christmas

Christmas Organizing

Buy Nothing Christmas

My goals for this year’s Christmas are:

1) Create a Budget and stick to it. Spend as little money as possible.
2) Buy a Nativity Set (I’ve wanted one for a long time but always end up not having the money.)
3) Have a Christmas Party, a small one with friends and family, in our home.
4) Find ways to keep the focus on the birth of Jesus rather than Santa Claus.
5) Create a “My First Christmas” ornament for Zoe with her hand print on it.