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2010 Resolutions & 2009 Review

1 Jan

2010 Resolutions:

  1. Print out this list and post it on the fridge so that I won’t forget about it this year.
  2. Pray that my Dad will be blessed with a wonderful job this year (he’s been unemployed for a year now!)
  3. Lose another 10 lbs.
  4. I’m turning 25 this year so I need to try 25 new things (foods, sports, activities, etc).
  5. Save at least $20 on groceries by using coupons each month.
  6. No hospital trips, unless it’s to have another baby 🙂
  7. Create a website for my photography.
  8. Read 5 books
  9. Read the Old Testament
  10. Learn 3 new recipes to replace the foods that contain MSG and HFCS.

2009’s Resolutions:  Crossed off resolutions accomplished.

(I completely forgot about this list after about the first month..otherwise I may have actually accomplished more!)

  1. Study the Bible daily.  –– This was a tough one… I failed for sure.
  2. Read the entire Old Testament. — Totally failed!
  3. Learn to be a better wife and mother. Always a work in progress…but I feel good about this one this year 🙂
  4. Spend an average of $200 on groceries each month.
  5. Have at least $3000 in the savings account at this time next year.  —  Nope, $1000.  Lots and lots of unexpected expenses this year.  Hopefully next year will be a better one for us financially!
  6. Make exercise a habit. I did this for several months…but then stopped so..I’m not sure if I should really count this one haha.
  7. Loose 10 lbs. to get back to pre-pregnancy weight (Preferably 30 lbs but 10 is a good goal haha)
  8. Read a minimum of 10 Books.  – Nope.  I read 4 books this year!
  9. Write a letter (snail mail) to someone every month (Particularly my Great-Grandmother and our Compassion sponsor child, Fabiola.)  – Didn’t accomplish the “every month” part.
  10. Try 100 new things (foods, sports, events, activities, etc)
  11. Go on 3 road trips, even if they are short ones.
  12. Learn how to use the Sioux Falls freeways. There are TWO of them, which is nothing compared to San Diego…you’d think I’d have this down by now, after two years of living here, but nope. My sense of direction here is pretty much non-existent. I always avoid using the freeways because I have no idea where they lead- what off ramps are on there or which direction they go haha.. I’m totally lost in this city most of the time.  — FAIL! Someday I’ll figure out how to get around here.
  13. Complete my Photography Diploma Program! I started in the summer of 2007 and have had to extend my time an additional 6 months – twice! If I don’t complete this in 5 more months, that will be $1000 down the drain so… I really do need to finish it. Trouble is finding time to take a darn photo of a woman outdoors in this crazy cold weather. Why did that have to be my first project? Ugh.
  14. Meet at least one new friend this year.
  15. Complete the following Scrapbooks / Photo Albums: Our Honeymoon Album, Zoe’s 1st Year Scrapbook.  — Didn’t even attempt this one.
  16. Find, sort, and organize ALL of our photos (digital and prints) up until Dec 2008.
  17. Learn to Sew.  *sigh* still no! 😦
  18. Travel somewhere I have never been.
  19. Work on my Family Tree
  20. Get outside more!

Living and Learning in October 09

3 Oct

I have often made lists similar to this on scratch paper, but today I was inspired by this blog. I love the idea of having a list of things I’m currently doing and a list of goals for the month.  I accomplish so many more tasks with the help of lists and having it posted on a blog in some ways holds me accountable!

Special Days and Events:

  • October:  Pastor Appreciation Month and  Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • October 4 – Gage’s brother’s 17th Birthday
  • October 8-10th – Garage Sale
  • October 9 – Autumn Festival (Arts & Crafts Show)
  • October 12 – Zoe turns 19 months old
  • October 14 – My sister’s 19th Birthday
  • October 16-18 –  Traveling to Minnesota for the Women of Faith Conference with Anna.
  • October 22 – Eat a Pretzel Day!  Yum 🙂
  • October 29 – Our 5th Dating/Courting Anniversary
  • October 30 – Drive to Tulsa, OK
  • October 31 – Halloween.  Zoe is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz this year!  Grandma Jenny is making her costume.

Homemaking  Goals:

  • Establish some regular routines with Zoe (night time routine, day time routine, etc)
  • Establish a new Meal Planning system.
  • Put away summer clothes.  Get out, wash, and organize warm clothing.
  • Go through the house and find a TON of stuff to sell at the Garage sale! 😉
  • Attempt to make a soup from scratch.  I’ve never done this before.
  • Complete my “framed photo collage” on the wall in the living room.  It looks silly right now because it’s missing a framed photo.


  • Read Proverbs and answer the questions in the study book for church.
  • Continue to read “Lies Women Believe” by Nancy Leigh Demoss
  • Things to try: Oil Cleansing (for face)
  • Study:  Godly Wisdom
  • Do research on the following topics:  Homemade and Natural Soaps,  Charlotte Mason, Toddler Education, Breast Cancer


  • Teach Zoe how to draw with crayons on paper, rather than eating them.
  • Begin teaching Zoe about the “Potty”
  • A visit to the Pumpkin Patch.
  • A trip to the Library.
  • A trip to the Zoo (weather permitting)
  • Bake cookies with Zoe’s “help”.
  • Continue to work on sharing.

The Daily System

29 Jul

If you would like to own this beautiful piece of organization perfection, just check out Pottery Barn’s website – here. Look closely, and you will see why it is $600!! That’s a LITTLE out of my price range. It sure is a beautiful sight though ;o) *sigh*

Google Calendars

10 Nov

I’m a big fan of Calendars because I’m at home every day and I lose track of what day it is all the time. I’m also a big planner and its hard to plan if I don’t have a calendar right in front of me. I’m a huge fan of daily agendas! I am a very forgetful person and having lists and plans is something I must have.

In addition to hanging 3 calendars in our home (one in our bedroom, one in our living room, and one in the kitchen), I use my Microsoft Outlook calendar as my main calendar because I see it when I open my e-mail and I can type everything in rather than having to hand write it all out, I can use different colors, repeat items automatically, etc.

Last week I discovered the Google Calendars. At first I was not sure of it because I’m so used to my Outlook calendar, but I’ve come to love these calendars for a few reasons. You can:

  • View multiple calendars at one time (even calendars that belong to your friends & family!)
  • Turn on and off specific calendars.
  • Have your daily agenda e-mailed to you.
  • Share your calendars with friends with friends and family! This way Gage and I always knows what the plan is for the day and we can access it from the internet, we don’t need to be at home on our own computer to view it.
  • Post your weekly menu plans for your family to see!

The image on the right is an example of the Dinner Calendar turned off. I

currently have the following calendars (and Gage and I share all of them): Gage’s Calendar, Shaina’s Calendar, Special Days Calendar (for birthdays & anniversaries, holidays, etc) , Dinner calendar (since we have a 6 week menu plan it only took me about 5 minutes to put this together), and our Family Calendar that is specifically for everything our family does together (church, family get-togethers, vacations, etc). Each calendar has its own color so that when you see “Bible Study” on Thursday morning in purple, you can know it is my study and not Gage’s.

There are also special calendars you can add to your google calendar such as: a to-do list, weather forecasts, national holidays, and more.

I am so grateful for this! Gage has two jobs and he goes to school full time so his schedule is all over the place, this has helped me keep track of what he is doing each day so I can plan my days around his schedule. It’s wonderful!! If you are like me and need to plan everything to get anything done, this is definitely something to check out. 🙂


I Love Evernote!

6 Nov

In our world today we are constantly bombarded with information. So much information that we often forget things we really didn’t want to forget. Personally, I forget just about everything that I want to remember and this is why I need schedules, plans, notes, pictures, lists, agendas..etc.

Do you ever wish you could save just a quote from a website that you come across (and not have to go through the trouble of giving it it’s own notepad or word document, taking up space on your computer)? Or maybe just part of an e-mail you received yesterday? How about a recipe, along with its pictures that you saw on this great recipe website? An item that you plan to buy on ebay in a week? Driving directions to an airport?

Check out Evernote.

Rather than having to bookmark every single site I come across, I can save just the parts that I want to save and place them in specific notebooks that coincide with their topics. It’s like having virtual hands to pull out pages in a virtual magazine (that is the internet), or like having virtual scissors to cut out the parts of the pages that you want to keep for future reference.

I just discovered it a couple weeks ago and it is *awesome*. I don’t have to deal with Microsoft Word’s crazy formatting when I try to save a recipe (and its pictures) from a website because it saves everything as is. There is no copy, paste, fix, save, file… just highlight whatever it is you want to save, click the green elephant button that is in your browser and poof! It’s saved.

With Evernote you can:

  • Create, clip, and share notes on the web and see them everywhere.
  • Search through all your notes, even find text within images, whether online or off (on your desktop)
  • Also – depending on what kind of phone you have you can: Take snapshots, read to-do lists, record audio whenever and wherever you like. Evernote also has special software for your iPhone.

This program can save you a lot of time and a lot of hassle, it also helps you to stay organized. I absolutely recommend it!

Bloggin’ Plans and 6 Week Menu Plan!

29 Oct

I have all these plans for my blog but I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping up with them! I have many recipes that I’d like to share, thoughts on Biblical womanhood and marriage, organizing tips and other ideas to make the home a place that you want to be. I’ve decided I need a set plan. I work well with set plans and schedules. Without a schedule, I have such a hard time getting everything done. Monday came and went and I still haven’t figured out our menu plan. How do you keep up with your daily tasks, and how do you keep up with your blogs?

As far as our menu planning goes – I came across a woman who plans her menus in 12 week time periods and I love the idea! So, to start, I’ve decided to do a 6 week plan and only go shopping every 3 weeks, and maybe I can even stretch it out to a month. This will help with grocery shopping planning and will be less stressful because I won’t be trying to figure out our menu on a weekly basis and examining what we have and what we don’t have and what meals I can make with what we do have. Of course we’ll have to go one other time in there for fruits, veggies, bread, and milk but that’s it. The goal is $250 a month on all groceries and $50 a month on non-food items. I’m finding that by going grocery shopping every 2 weeks I end up spending more than I want to because I forget what I have at home and I re-buy items. I think if I change it to 3 or 4 weeks then we’ll literally be out of food and then I won’t end up buying items that I have at home because there will be no food left at home ;o)

I’m way too easily amused. Just the thought of stretching our food until we have no more is exciting to me! hehehe

What a Hassle!

27 Oct

If you haven’t already discovered this website, it is awesome and I totally recommend it! haha.

The site is called HassleMe and what they do is they send you reminders in your email to do whatever it is that you need to do! They hassle you for as long as you want them to. It’s free and there is no signing up for anything.

You have to confirm that you want each hassle so it’s not really to be used as a to-do list but if there are certain things that you always forget that must be done, it’s a great tool! I am a nursing mother and I need to drink water during the day, but I always forget to drink enough…so I have them e-mail me roughly every 2 days to remind me to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. I have another one that reminds me to do my laundry.

I may use this to help me with my plan to exercise! I currently don’t have anyone nagging me to exercise so maybe a daily email would help me get the picture.