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Sioux Falls Frugal Mom

2 Feb

My new site is up and running! Woohoo!  I am now the official owner of a domain.   I’ve been doing websites & blogs for about 13 years now and I’ve never officially had a domain.  Pretty sweet! Check it out..

I probably won’t be updating much this week because we leave for CA (yes… CA again!) tomorrow.  This time we’re going out for my sister Bridget’s Wedding! She and her fiance Adam will be getting married on February 6th…which will also be their 10th dating anniversary!  So…it’s about time these two got hitched! 😉

This will be our last trip with Zoe as lap child on the plane.  I told Bridget that she had good timing with her Wedding date because one month later and it would have cost an extra $200 to take Zoe!  I almost wish we had bought her a ticket..just so she’d have a seat, but we really couldn’t afford it.  She’d probably be staying home with Grandma & Grandpa if she was over 2 already.

Okay! Time to finish packing..  🙂


Swagbucks and a NEW blog in the making!

26 Jan

Have you heard about SWAGBUCKS yet?  I joined in November of last year.   It’s free and totally awesome 🙂  I’ve made $45.00 already just by searching the web and referring a few people.   Definitely check it out if you haven’t already! You can sign up here.  They’ll give you 3 swagbucks to start out with!

I’m working on a new blog… this blog is intended really for family updates and homemaking, so I’m creating a separate blog for money-saving updates.  It’s titled Sioux Falls Frugal Mom.  I’ve wanted to do this for over a year now, but didn’t feel like I had quite enough information to share, now I definitely do.  I’ll post here when it is up and running! 🙂

Up to 1200 Free Prints from!

7 Jan

I follow just about every online photo company there is out there because I enjoy all the free print offers.  I’m a photographer so I often have many pictures that need printing, either for myself, for my family, or friends.  What an enormous blessing the internet is… I hardly ever need to pay for photo prints anymore thanks to all these special offers! is offering free prints for referrals now!  Signing up is free, and if you sign up this week with my referral link, they also have a special deal going for a  free 8×8 photo book. Once you sign up, refer your friends to join and you can get 200 free prints for every person you refer, up to 1200! 🙂  That’s probably the greatest print deal I’ve ever seen.  I have not ordered from them before so I do not know what quality the photos are, but I do know they print on Fujifilm paper which more than likely means the quality will be great.

Click here to check it out!

December 2009 Coupon/Freebie Savings

23 Dec

Coupon Savings in December:

We will (or at least we are supposed to) fly out to CA for the last week of the month so I decided to post about the coupon/freebie savings of the month a little early.

Free 8×10 Collage from Shutterfly

10 Dec (one of my favorite photo sites) is giving away a free 8×10 today!  I’m not sure when this offer ends.

Use the code BORDERSOFFERPP, shipping is about $1.80.

For the past several months I have been trying to come up with a way to display some photos that I took this summer at my favorite beach (the beach I grew up at).  Last year I ordered one of these collages as a gift for my mother-in-law Jenny and it turned out very well.  Hopefully this one turns out just as well.   I’m so excited! I have so many memories at this beach.  It’ll be nice to have it up on a wall somewhere in our house so I can look at it all the time.

Thanks to South Dakota’s Money Saving Mom for the info 🙂

Coupon Resources: Finding & Printing Coupons

9 Dec

Coupons = Money Saved!

You can save quite a bit of money on groceries each month if you take a little time each week to clip/print coupons. I personally do grocery shopping once a month, so once a month I will spend about an hour clipping & printing coupons. It’s fun and simple.  If you get creative, you can end up saving more than you spend. I haven’t yet done this, but hope to eventually!  Below I’ve compiled a list of where to find general grocery coupons, organic coupons, and local coupons.

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Flip Diapers – Zoe’s New Cloth Diapers

3 Dec

Several days ago I read about the new Flip diaper system by Cotton Babies (the makers of BumGenius diapers).   It’s affordable, the diapers are cute, trim, and easy to adjust!  You also don’t need to buy 3 different sizes, it’s just one size and you adjust it to fit your baby at whatever age/weight they are at.

I stopped by our local mom & baby store Elegant Mommy and was delighted to find it there! They were on sale too!  Just $13.95 for the diaper cover and one stay dry insert.   We also bought two gDiapers because they were clearanced due to old packaging.  The same diapers, just in the old packaging.  So we bought those two for $17.99, and they came with about 8 disposable liners (I think) for the gDiapers.     Continue reading