Sioux Falls Frugal Mom

2 Feb

My new site is up and running! Woohoo!  I am now the official owner of a domain.   I’ve been doing websites & blogs for about 13 years now and I’ve never officially had a domain.  Pretty sweet! Check it out..

I probably won’t be updating much this week because we leave for CA (yes… CA again!) tomorrow.  This time we’re going out for my sister Bridget’s Wedding! She and her fiance Adam will be getting married on February 6th…which will also be their 10th dating anniversary!  So…it’s about time these two got hitched! 😉

This will be our last trip with Zoe as lap child on the plane.  I told Bridget that she had good timing with her Wedding date because one month later and it would have cost an extra $200 to take Zoe!  I almost wish we had bought her a ticket..just so she’d have a seat, but we really couldn’t afford it.  She’d probably be staying home with Grandma & Grandpa if she was over 2 already.

Okay! Time to finish packing..  🙂

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