Free Cloth Diapering & Babywearing Workshop

8 Jan

Elegant Mommy is having another free cloth diapering & babywearing workshop on Saturday at 11:00 am at the store!   If you haven’t been there before and are interested in attending, they are located on 49th St, near the corner of 49th and Western.  I have been to one of their cloth diapering workshops and found it to be very helpful!  I haven’t been to a babywearing workshop yet.   I definitely will attend one during my next pregnancy.  I used a Moby wrap with Zoe for several months but after she was about 6 months old I found it too difficult to use.  I always wrapped it too tightly or too loose.  The fabric was also thicker than I’d like.  I believe they make them now with more “breathable” fabric.  I also only ever learned one way to wrap it so that’s another goal of mine with the next baby is learning how to use the Moby wrap in more ways than one.   I’ll probably look into other wraps/carriers as well.

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