December 2009 Coupon/Freebie Savings

23 Dec

Coupon Savings in December:

We will (or at least we are supposed to) fly out to CA for the last week of the month so I decided to post about the coupon/freebie savings of the month a little early.

Groceries & Necessities: We didn’t have a big grocery trip this month since we are going away for the last week of the month.  We did have a couple small trips.   We spent about $56 at Wal Mart earlier in the month.  I don’t use coupons at Wal Mart because I’ve heard they do not take coupons at this particular Wal Mart.  The following week we saved $19.00 on groceries and other essentials (including diapers) at Target using coupons, spent $40.00.    This along with a couple one-item trips to HyVee, resulted in a total of $75  spent on groceries this month.

Gifts: Seeing as it isn’t Christmas yet I can’t get too specific about how we saved money on gifts.  I’ll just say that we spent about $100 on gifts for people this year and we saved about $20 using coupons.

Favorite Deals this Month:

  • Our grocery store (HyVee) had a deal where if you bought 3 General Mills cereals you get a coupon for a free milk.   So, I bought 3 boxes of cereal that were already on sale for 2 for $5 (Cheerios).  I used 2 coupons: $1/1 coupon, and $1/2 coupon for General Mills cereals.   Total for 3 cereals and milk:   $4.00!
  • We saved $5.00 on a box of Pampers diapers with coupons.
  • $5 Magazine Subscription – Good Housekeeping, on
Favorite Freebies in December:
  • Free Christmas EP from Joy Williams, one of my favorite artists!
  • $10 for, from Swagbucks (Seriously, there is no reason to not join this site. It’s free and you earn money just for using a search engine!)  I haven’t used the money yet, planning on using the money for either groceries or a birthday gift for my hubby.
  • 1 Free 8×10 collage from Shutterfly, which is now framed and hanging beautifully in our bathroom.
  • $5 gift card for the Euphoria Mommy website from Swagbucks.  I used this to buy an insert for my daughter’s new cloth diapers.
  • Free pair of LEE jeans for my husband!!
  • $10 for Paypal won for playing Paypal’s Sweepstakes game.  Haven’t used it yet.  You can still enter this each day until the end of the year by going to Paypal’s Christmas promo site here.
  • Free Bag of 27 Pampers Diapers – I was asked by a survey company to review Papers’ Cruisers Force Flex diapers.
  • Free samples:  A few different diapers, TLC granola bar, Stacy’s Pita Chips, Steaz Iced Tea
  • Free International Delight creamer.  I don’t usually buy this stuff because it’s not good for you and it’s expensive, but I saw it was being given away on Facebook and I remember my husband saying he liked this stuff, so I thought it would be a nice treat!
  • TONS of free Christmas songs on
Online Surveys:

I’ve been testing online survey companies this month to see which ones are worth the time and effort.  I do 2-5 short surveys each day.  This month and haven’t cashed in on them yet, but I’ve made about $50 total between about 7 different companies.  I’ll write more about online surveys another time once I’ve decided which ones pay the best.

Overall Savings:

We did save a lot this month but we also spent a lot more than usual with it being Christmas time.   We aquired about $85.00 worth of freebies this month, and the total saved using coupons was $46.00!  Pretty good for only about 2 hrs of “work” clipping and printing coupons.   January will be more interesting.  No Christmas gifts to buy (just birthday gifts!), and we’ll get back to our regular shopping schedule.

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