New Phones!

15 Dec

LG Rumor 2

New phones!  Finally.  For several months my phone had not been charging well and when it was charged it would last about a day before it would die.  It’s been difficult for people to reach me lately.    A couple weeks ago our contract ended and it was time to renew so finally we were able to get some new phones!  These are nice because they were free (and I do love free things!) and they have a slide out keyboard, which makes texting a lot simpler.  We now have 300 text messages per month.  I’m excited, because SOME people I know only communicate through texting… we also won’t be charged 20 cents every time someone sends us a text.

And…it’s my favorite color! Woohoo!

9 days until our trip to San Diego! Oh how nice it will be to get away from this insanely cold weather.  So friends & family in CA – call or text me! We need to plan times to meet up while we’re out there. We’re only there really for 5 days so it’s going to be a short trip which usually means.. chaos.  *sigh*  Lots of people to see (both of our families and all of our friends are out there) and only 5 days to see everyone.  Yikes.   I’m sure it’ll be fine…if we can get it all planned out beforehand.


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