HyVee Gift Card Giveaway!

9 Dec

Hey Readers!

Welcome to my first ever giveaway!  The Midwest Dairy Councel recently contacted me and they want to provide one of my midwest readers with a bundle of goodies, including a $25 Hyvee card!  All they ask is that you check out the Dairy Makes Sense website.

The bundle includes:

  • A a $25 gift card from Hy-Vee to stock up milk, cheese and yogurt ingredients for holiday meals!
  • An apron
  • A coupon holder
  • A cheese knife
  • Measuring spoons
  • Grocery pad
  • Refrigerator magnet
  • ….and a recipe booklet!

How to Enter the Giveaway:

This giveaway is now CLOSED.

From the MDA’s Website:

Midwest Dairy Association™ (MDA) is a non-profit organization that is financed and directed by the dairy producers in nine states – Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and eastern Oklahoma.

MDA Mission: Midwest Dairy Association™ implements programs that help increase sales and demand for dairy products and dairy ingredients and help improve the economic well-being of Midwest dairy producers.

The Midwest Dairy Counsel is the nutrition education marketing arm of the MDA.  Dairy Makes Sense is a campaign created by the Midwest Dairy Counsel.

I recently conducted a short Q&A with one of the members of the Midwest Dairy Counsel if Jennifer Gross, a Mom who works on a local dairy farm.

Q & A with Jennifer Gross of Prairie Gold Dairy in South Dakota.

1. Where in South Dakota are you located?

Prairie Gold Dairy is located in south eastern South Dakota an hour north of Sioux Falls.  We chose the area due to the great air quality and access to plentiful, good quality forages.  It has been a great place for our family to live so far  🙂

2. How did Prairie Gold Dairy get involved with the Midwest Dairy Council?

We became involved with the Midwest Dairy Council after being approached by a member…they told me about the Dairy Makes Sense campaign and it sounded like a really good plan so I signed up!

3. What are the three best reasons to eat dairy?

In my opinion, the three best reasons to eat dairy products are:
  1. Dairy is a healthy nutrient source and is also packed with protein.  This is very important to me as I like to compete in triathlons and need good fuel after workouts.
  2. It makes everything taste better!  You can choose low fat or fat-free options in every dairy category.
  3. I want to get the most quality for my money when it comes to food…dairy is relatively inexpensive when compared to many junk foods so for me it’s a no-brainer.  🙂
4. Do you have some tips for incorporating dairy into our upcoming Holiday season?

My holiday cooking/baking tips are to make your cookies with butter instead of shortening or margarine…there just isn’t a comparison when it comes to the taste!  You can make many healthy casseroles with low fat cheese, milk and yogurt.  One of my personal philosophies is “when in doubt, add a little cheese”!
5. What is your favorite dairy recipe?

My favorite winter-time dairy recipe is creamy potato soup made with milk and cheese to make it really creamy; and for a quick and healthy breakfast or snack an oatmeal yogurt blend


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