Coupon/Freebie Highlights – Nov 09

30 Nov

This month I decided to do a little more digging into the world of coupons.  I had put it off for a long time because I knew it would take a lot of time to learn about where to find coupons, how to print them, and how to use them properly. I was right, it took me about 3-4 days of active searching and learning during all of my spare time but I managed to learn a lot about the use of coupons and where to find them!  When we went grocery shopping this month it was the same week I began my search for coupons so I didn’t have very many but I still managed to save us $28.00!

Grocery Coupons – We saved $28  on our groceries with use of coupons this month. We spent only $126.00 on our big grocery trip for the month.

$10 off of anything in JC Penney.  We received this coupon in the mail.  Gage was in need of some jeans so we bought some $20 pants (on sale, regularly $28)  for $10! 🙂

$4 off a Schick razor – I was in need of a new razor and wallah…I came across a coupon for $4 off! Rather than paying $7 we paid $3.

$10 off a Sit & Spin at Target (one of Zoe’s Christmas presents! Shhh!).  We had been planning on buying Zoe a Sit & Spin for Christmas and so I was THRILLED to find a $10 off coupon for one this month!  Rather than spending $22 we spent $12!

50 Free Christmas Cards from!

3 free MP3s (songs) from

1 free EP by Joy Williams (one of my favorite recording artists)

4 free samples of items I was wanting to try for a while.

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