9000 Days Old!

7 Sep
Psalm 90:12
So teach us to number our days
that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Today is the 9000th Day of my Life!
My husband came across a website that had a little gadget to figure out how many days old you are. I was pretty close to 9000 so I figured out the day and wrote it on my calendar. Today is that day! 9000 days… that is quite a long time. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be facinating if we could remember every moment of our lives? Of course there are many things I would like to forget about, but overall I would love to be able to recall anything at any given time. Especially now that my Mom is gone. I’m finding that my memories of her are starting to disappear. It’s a little scary… it’s only been 4 years and I can hardly remember what she was like.
We had a late night last night at Lifelight (which I will write about later) so we are pretty tired today. With this being Labor Day, Gage is out of school today. We’re spending the day hanging out at home enjoying this free time.
Today is also day 10 of my Amish Friendship Bread making, which means that today is baking day! I made 4 “loaves” of bread…. 3 were disasters, 1 turned out pretty well. I’ll post pictures of my bread disaster/accomplishment soon. I’m beginning to wonder what could be causing all of my bread disasters. I have attempted to make various breads over the past few years and they always turn out the same – crumbly, sticky on the outsides, chewy and hard as rock edges.

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