Zoe is 17 Months Old!

12 Aug

Cutest Moments of the Week:
A few days ago Zoe told Great-Grandma Sandy she wanted to go outside. We all made our way out to the patio room. I got her shoes, we put them on her and now we’re all set to walk outside. Before we know it, Zoe has changed her mind. Zoe then climbs up the stairs to go into the house, she looks at Grandma and says, “Bye bye!!”

Two days ago Zoe found my coffee cup on a table that had a little left in it from earlier that morning. She picked it up and broght it over to me saying, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!” 🙂

Last night Zoe decided she was finished playing with her blocks so she put them in their small box and said, “all done!…trash!” — this is what we say when we’re all finished with changing her diaper. Hehe.
Zoe’s new words:
Swing (“Wee”)
Outside, Inside (“Siiiiiide”)
See you!
Abby!!! (from her box of crackers, the Sesame Street character)
Elmo (“emo”)
Great-Grandma = “MAAAAAA!!” haha.
Car (“Cowww”)
Bath (“Bop”)

One Response to “Zoe is 17 Months Old!”

  1. Christina August 13, 2009 at 1:19 am #

    Aren't their mannerisms and ways of saying things delightful and hilarious? I enjoyed reading about Zoe's new cutenesses. ; )

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