Zoe’s 1st Steps!

28 Apr

I posted this morning and since then a couple huge things have happened so I have to update again!

First the most exciting thing of all… Zoe walked! She walked from Daddy to Mommy, then from Mommy to Daddy about 10-15 times tonight, right before bed. The most steps she took at once was 7. She looked so adorable walking in her very first pair of pajamas. I was videotaping so…believe it or not, I have no pictures! I’ll get one of her walking tomorrow if she decides to do it again.

In other exciting news… I finally received my Photographer Diploma today!! It’s official! Wooohoo! It is such a relief to be completely finished with this program. I have been working on it slowly for 2 years now, I had to pay extra money for two different extentions so I could have more time to finish it, and I was 2 months away from not being *able* to complete it. After two extentions you cannot have anymore. The whole thing at the end became so stressful, but now it is finished and I have a Career Diploma in Photography to show for it. I already framed it! I bought frames specifically for my Diploma and Gage’s degree that he will be getting next year. Each frame was 25 cents at a garage sale on Thursday!

That’s it for now, I just had to share some exciting news!



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