Zoe Stood Up!

4 Mar

Yesterday Zoe stood up completely on her own for the first time! The photo is blurry because I had my camera in manual focus and I didn’t have time to focus it! But at least I got a photo 🙂 hehe. My friend Anna and her daughter Kjersten came over for a while yesterday and while we were talking, Zoe suddenly decided to stand up on her own! She did it 3 times yesterday and hasn’t yet done it today.

We bought her a Birthday dress yesterday! We found this dress at Younkers. I love it! She even tried it on in the store, she looked so adorable in it. Of course we had to buy the 9 month old size… she’s still only 16 pounds and 10 oz. She has a little white sweater to wear over it too.


One Response to “Zoe Stood Up!”

  1. Tammie March 4, 2009 at 9:56 pm #

    Zoe is sooo cute standing up! and the little dress is sweet. i’m sure she will look adorable in it!Christina’s little man, Ian, is also a small one–average height but small boned and very slender. but his daddy is built that way too.

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