Created to be His Help Meet – Ch. 6. The Beginning of Wisdom

3 Mar
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” Psalm 111:10
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” Proverbs 9:10
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” Proverbs 1:7

I like how Debi puts states it, “A Christian life without fear is a religious life without a living God.” It seems so easy to fear God, yet we all get wrapped up in lives lived without fear. We place our faith in our religious practices, our spirituality, our own interpretations and conclusions. We become perfectly content with ourselves that we begin to lack in our fear of the LORD. This brings us in a place where we do not fear God and we do not realize that only HE has the truth. If our actions and decisions are not made based on what God has already spoken through His Word (the Bible) we are not fearing Him enough to trust that what He says is best.

What I take from this chapter:

We cannot only read parts of the Bible and not the Bible in its entirety. This is disobedience and lack of fear of the LORD. Example: The Crazy Lady – she obviously had some knowledge of the Bible, but not accurate or thorough knowledge of truth. She also ignored all parts that discussed the wife’s submission to her husband.

We cannot base our lives around “a word” we receive from the LORD. That is, words we “hear” the Lord speak to us. God does speak to men, however when He speaks it is never in contradiction with the words He has already spoken. To receive a contradictory “word from the Lord” and say with certainty that it is from the LORD is blasphemous. It is to say that our emotions, thoughts, and opinions ARE the LORD, thus putting words in His mouth. It appears to be trusting the LORD but it really is trusting in yourself. It is to say, “This is what I think, therefore it must be from the Lord.” That is such a dangerous way to think. Wisdom (knowledge of truth) comes from the LORD. This is why I believe we should never say, “The Lord told me to do this.” If that “word” you speak turns out to simply be from YOU, you will have put words into the LORD’s mouth. I believe the only time you can say, “The LORD says this..” is if it is not, in any way, contradictory to what the Bible says.

Only through fear of the LORD comes wisdom and only through that wisdom can the truth be seen.

As a woman I am a very emotional and my thoughts and opinions are strong. I know that these emotions can influence my behaviors and actions. If I am unable to discern what is from the LORD and what is from demons and sinful nature, I am in a whole heap of trouble because then any “word from the Lord” that I receive is not trustworthy. To have the discernment that I need to know that what I learn is from the LORD, I need to begin with a fear of the LORD and pray daily for wisdom. That is where true knowledge of the things of God comes from.

“No woman has ever been happy and fulfilled who neglected to obey God in regard to her role as a help meet.”

I absolutely agree with her on this statement. Not just because I have seen it repeatedly (even within my own family) but simply because I know that disobeying God brings discontentment.

Goals of the Week:

1) Pray for Wisdom daily.
2) Work on being joyful and having a merry heart.
3) Discover any bitterness I may have towards my husband and get rid of it.
4) Help my husband. Help my husband. AND…Help my husband.
5) Find the definition for the word odious. (Proverbs 30:21-23)

One more thought…

I wonder what happened to the Crazy Lady.

Study – To be Continued

2 Responses to “Created to be His Help Meet – Ch. 6. The Beginning of Wisdom”

  1. Tammie March 4, 2009 at 9:53 pm #

    : ) thanks for your post! i always love reading your observations!God bless you, Shaina.

  2. Christina March 15, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

    This is one of the things that I miss most about not having Internet at home! I think I will try to get on the ball and write Created to be His Helpmeet posts consistently again.

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