Great Idea: No Cussing Club!

22 Jan

I was watching the Jay Leno show last night and this kid named McKay Hatch, 14 years old, comes on and starts talking about his club, The No Cussing Club! It has over 20,000 members now and I’m sure that number will continue to rise with all the publicity it’s been getting. I think its such a wonderful idea. I always find myself cringing when I hear someone spouting off curse word after curse word as if it were the word “the”. I don’t know what language that is but it certainly is not English. I find that I have much more respect for people who refrain from cursing.

Just for fun and to help increase their numbers, I went ahead and joined 🙂 Plus I think it’ll give me even more incentive to stay away from curse words. No good can ever come of them.

The No Cussing Club



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