Created to be his Help Meet Ch. 1 – God’s Gift

21 Jan

“And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him” – Genesis 2:18

Up until this point everything that God had created he completed by saying, “it is good.” However, after creating man we see that something was not good, it was not yet complete. I believe this “pause” between the creation of man and woman was well intended. God created man, he established his purpose in the world, and it was not until after this that He created woman. This established a form of leadership that Adam had. 1 Corinthians 11:8-9 states that the woman was made for the man, not the man for the woman. This does not mean that the woman was made to be the man’s slave. In no place does it ever imply that the woman is to do do the man’s bidding no matter what the circumstances are, there are, however, few exceptions. What this does mean is that women were created to serve as one who helps, which is a good thing. Eve was a wonderful gift created for Adam. She was exactly what He needed, perfectly suitable to him and equal to him in a way that none of the animals were.

The woman was created to be a help meet. When I first picked up this book my first thought was, “What is a help meet?”

The Hebrew word used here is “ezer” which is used 21 times in the Bible and it literally means a help. There is a lot more about this that I’d love to write but I think I should save it for future posts. This position as a helper puts the woman in a state of necessary submission, but not slavehood. As husband and wife we become one person and we are to function as one, however the only way for this to really occur is to have one main decision maker, otherwise there inevitabley will be conflict within this marriage and there can no longer be oneness.

In a feminist culture such as ours it is very difficult for women to understand why roles are important within a marriage. Men and women were absolutely created equal, which is why many of the women’s rights activists were right to fight for equal rights in many areas, but not all areas. God did create us as equals but he also established a level of authority within marriage, just as he has for every social order in which we live in. As Americans we are all equal, but we still have authorities to which we must submit to. Leadership is absolutely necessary for any form of social order. Whether this leadership is within the state, the family, the church, a business, etc. Just because someone is in a higher leadership position it does not mean that person is of any more importance.

Today we inaugurated a new President, he was placed there by God and he is there to serve his country, to lead it with the ultimate goal to keep it functioning properly. Yet, he is only a man and one man alone cannot do much, he must have help. The President himself is the one who will make tough decisions and will work to do his job well, however he has many many helpers — the Vice President in particular, that serve to help him do his job better. In the sight of God, each person involved is of the same level of importance, the only difference between them is their position in leadership and what tasks they will take on to help our country function. Our country was founded on these principles of God’s social order because it is the best way to function. The same goes for within a marriage. There must be one in leadership for it to function properly as God designed it.

God designed marriage for many purposes, the most important one of all is to glorify Him and to exemplify Him. Marriage is not just a simple social practice it is a divine institution ordained by God himself. If you are a wife, you have a divine calling! It is the will of God that you serve your husband to the best of your ability, even if that involves making sacrifices. The woman was a gift to the man. Your husband’s job is to serve the Lord, to love you, and to protect and provide for his children. As wives, it is our job to help and serve our husbands as they are living to serve the Lord. When this is done, the family flourishes! The blessings that result from a submissive wife and a God glorifying husband are unbelieveabley incredible.

What really sticks out to me in this chapter is the question that basically asks that if God were to create a perfectly suited woman for my husband, would I be that woman? I considered this for a while and I quickly realized that I absolutely am that woman. Over the past two years I have been AMAZED at how inredibley perfect (and suitable) we are for each other. He excels at the things I struggle with and likewise, I do well in areas he does not. At the same time, we share common interests and many of our life goals are the same. With that said, I am nowhere near the perfect wife. I know there are many areas in which I must improve that will help my husband do his job better. I hope that with the advice given by Debi Pearl in this book I am able to identify a few things that are in signifcant need of improving.

She lists a few things to ask that God work into my character, and I agree that these things are necessary to living the life of a biblical woman:

1. Virtue
2. Graciousness
3. Wisdom
4. Prudence
5. Goodness (even though none of us are truly “good” it is good to do what is good as defined by God)

She ends the chapter with “A good Help meet has a Passion to be of Service”. This week as I intend to focus on what ways I can be a better help to my husband. I also need to pray that God will help me with all of the things listed above. These are all things we women should stive for every day of our life.

That is all I have for today in response to this chapter. I wrote a lot but it’s not entirely what I had hoped to write. I wrote this in kind of a rush…my daugher is having a tough day. Right now as a type this she is screaming because she does not want to go to sleep even though she is soo sooo tired. Please pray for her, and pray for me and my ability to stay patient.

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One Response to “Created to be his Help Meet Ch. 1 – God’s Gift”

  1. Christina January 21, 2009 at 12:37 am #

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this first chapter. I am also amazed at how Ben and I complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Truly God knows what he’s doing when he brings couples together!I do hope that little Zoe was able to finally succumb to sleep. It’s so hard when they refuse to sleep, even when they are exhausted. 😦

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