Created To Be His Help Meet — Intro

19 Jan

Submission. It is not a dirty word, yet our culture views it as one. Modern culture will have you believe that to be submissive is to have no self confidence, no independence, and no originality, to basically be a doormat that allows anyone and anything to walk all over them. Even within the church you will find women who refuse to believe that God has designed men and women to uphold specific roles. We are trained as young children to be individuals, we are told to “be all that we can be” and self-esteem is viewed as one of the most important things we must develop in our early years. With all this focus on the self, it is no wonder that the God given roles of men and women have begun to disappear. Our culture has forgotten God. Men are no longer men, women are no longer women. The old roles of men and women are no longer viewed as politically correct – our God, the one which this country was founded for, has been replaced by politics. Submission is a remarkable social order and it is used not just between men and women but between multiple social orders of God’s design and even within his own triune nature.

Biblical submission by the wife to the husband is one that is extremely difficult for our culture to understand. We are SO far gone from our biblical roles as men and women that even the idea of submission is difficult to understand. The fact is: Men and women are very different and there are very specific reasons for those differences. Women did not just happen to be physically weaker and more emotional than men, just as men did not just happen to be generally stronger, more authoritative, and less emotional than women.

I believe that this world was created by God. He created everything with a purpose, and that includes men and women. Being that I am a woman, I see it fit to devote some time to studying what the Bible says about women – why God created women, what He has called women to do, and how our roles as women glorify Him.

The book titled Created to be his Help Meet by Debi Pearl does an amazing job at capturing the current state of mind of most women today, and she does a phenomenal job of identifying the benefits of (and really the absolute necessities for) having a Biblical perspective on womanhood. Debi has spent over 30 years learning what it is to be her husband’s help meet, and now she has supplied us younger women with a plethora of wonderful Godly wisdom in this book. What I enjoy about this book is her ability to explain why submission is so important. Most importantly, she is able to explain these things from a completely Biblical perspective, and I think that is why I admire her writing in this book.

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One Response to “Created To Be His Help Meet — Intro”

  1. His Handmaiden Laura January 19, 2009 at 4:41 pm #

    My post on the first chapter is up! I can’t wait to read everyone else posts!

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