13 Aug

If someone were to ask me to create a list of my top 10 favorite scents, freshly baked bread would absolutely be one of them! We have a Breadsmith here in Sioux Falls, and nearly every woman I have met here has raved about how amazing their bread is. Recently I started buying this bread. It really is *awesome* bread! This morning I was the first customer of the day and my loaf of bread was super fresh out of the oven! My plan is to buy this bread more often than the store brands. It is a little more expensive though and you end up with less bread, but I think the quality and the nutritional value is way worth the money. All Breadsmith bread is hand made with no additives or preservatives. Check to see if your city has a Breadsmith (! They are in some states but not all states. If we ever move out of this city, this is one place that will be greatly missed.



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